Privacy Statement

Homecall understands that keeping the privacy of the details supplied to us is one of our paramount obligations to you. Homecall complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (C'th) and the National Principles of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (c'th).

Homecall collects information from clients which may be private and confidential for the purpose of use within their conveyancing transaction. Homecall does not disclose this information to any other party unless it is in the direct course of the transaction and is relevant to the issues involved and which we are engaged by our clients to perform. Homecall will not disclose any information for any other reason that for which it is provided.

Data Quality

Homecall Will take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information collected and/or disclosed by our office is accurate, relevant, complete and as up to date as possible. It is our clients responsibility to advise Homecall of any changes to their personal details,

Data Security

Homecall will use all reasonable endeavours to protect the personal information it holds from misuse, loss, modification and disclosure to irrelevant sources.

Data Correction

Homecall will endeavour to amend/correct any of your personal information which is not accurate, complete or up to date upon notification by you of the changes.

Homecall Conveyancing Is not a firm of solicitors but retains a Solicitor to draw up all legal documents. All Information contained on this website is general conveyancing procedures information and is not provided or to be construed to be provided as LEGAL ADVICE